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In our wineries you can taste fruity, young and aged wines, plus go on our vineyard tours whilst enjoying an idyllic landscape.


Come to our 2 warehouses, Ask for a friendly guided tour. We would be happy to show you around . One of them is in a house over 100 years old in the town of La Matanza de Acentejo. The other winery is in an estate, with their terraces planted with vines, mango, avocado, all in the municipality of Candelaria just in the south of Santa Cruz, the Capital of the island of Tenerife. 

The La Matanza de Acentejo estates and The Riquelas, has always been a quality wine area in the north of the island.


Farms like Riquelas  as in the municipality of El Sauzal, with almost 4 hectares cultivated in different ways, dominating the middle vineyards can be seen with the father figure of the ominipotent  mount Teide in the background, You can be seduced by the ancient vineyards and the smell of soils. In Riquelas have planted different varieties of grapes, predominantly Negramoll and Gual.

Candelaria, Guimar Valley has always been known for its white wines, so we have prepared an estate to break the monotony and make red wines also.


In farms such as Reconda, you can visit, in the municipality of Candelaria has 7 hectares of plantation. This farm is mixed with soil brought from the north of Tenerife, more than 13 million cubic metres moved to shape, its terraces geometrically was distributed to separate the walls with Socorro mountain in the background.

We also offer services such as customized bottles for special occasions, developing wine lists for catering, wine tasting at the winery and anything that is asked by our customers and fits within our possibilities.


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